Increase User Adoption 3x with Visualforce on your Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Why do Small to Medium Businesses love Salesforce
Why do Small to Medium Businesses Love
November 11, 2014

Increase User Adoption 3x with Visualforce on your Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Why do you need Visualforce for your Salesforce App Exchange Apps

Visualforce is a framework that enables developers to build a sophisticated custom UI that can be hosted natively on the platform. The Visualforce framework is a lot like HTML that uses a tag-based markup language and standard controllers on the server side that simplifies basic database operations like queries and saves.

In Visualforce, each tag corresponds to a UI component, such as a page section, a list, or a field. Developers can create a custom behavior for Visualforce components by associating their own custom logic with a controller class written in Apex. Visualforce components can also be controlled by the same standard logic used in Salesforce pages. The importance of Visualforce for your Salesforce App Exchange Apps starts with the simplification of tasks using UI. With a visual representation of functions, users can easily weave through the functionality of your apps. Making your UI more user-friendly through Visualforce is a must if you are targeting a steady client base for your Appexchange offerings. Not all of SFDC administrators are adept in developer codes, and most would prefer apps enhanced with Visualforce. Ease of use transcends to improved user adoption, which translates to better customer retention and app sales. In the business of software sales, customer adoption and retention are key to create a sustainable business structure.

With Visualforce, your developers can enhance your Salesforce CRM by:

  1. Defining custom tabs
  2. Embedding components in detail page layouts
  3. Creating dashboard components or custom help pages
  4. Customize, extend, and integrate the sidebars in the Salesforce console
  5. Add menu items, actions, and mobile cards in Salesforce1
  6. Customize standard buttons, such as the New button for accounts, or the Edit button for contacts
  7. Customize tab overview pages, such as the Accounts tab home page

Developers can also use Visualforce to extend the Salesforce App Exchange app for your mobile users. Visualforce enhances the capability of your Salesforce 1 app by enabling users to have functionality while on the go. Salesforce 1 cannot automatically create mobile versions of Visualforce pages. Web versions do not fit well in mobile deployments. Hence, the need for a framework that creates a custom mobile experience for your users.

Even though Salesforce1 by default cannot create mobile versions for Visualforce pages, Visualforce remains to be an integral component in enhancing the functionality of your app for mobile deployment. The reach of your Salesforce CRM is extended through the use of Visualforce pages on mobile devices. UI/UX can be greatly enhanced by optimizing visualforce for mobile deployment. Without an optimized Visualforce integration for mobile deployments, your Appexchange offerings will be displayed in a desktop-default design, instead of a responsive mobile design. Developers can also use Visualforce to leverage Mobile context functions like Cameras and geo-tagging instead of recreating the desktop experience. Mobile apps UX is also enhanced by focusing on touch with larger tap areas and HTML5 form inputs instead of a click-optimized environment. Visualforce has a big impact on Business Logic and Data binding. Mobile apps with Visualforce integration provides users with more opportunities to access and manage their Salesforce CRM deployment. An optimized Visualforce integration for mobile enhances data binding summary with Javascript Remoting, Visualforce Remote Objects, and HTML5 input elements (Telephone, date, email). The benefits alone of Visualforce for your Appexchange offerings make it a must-have for all of your Appexchange apps. Green Couch Consulting offers Salesforce App customization and development to help you enhance your Salesforce apps. Learn more about what we do by visiting our Services page.

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