Salesforce App Customization

Nothing works better than just improving your product.

Joel Spolsky

Salesforce App Customization

As our clients grow and scale their business, their needs change. We understand that as businesses evolve, so should the solutions they use to make the business run smoothly. Solutions can get outdated quite easily. has a quarterly release cycle which updates the functionality of the CRM software. Your apps can easily become obsolete with something as common as an update from

That’s where we come in.

Our developers and engineers fine-tune your SFDC apps to fit the needs of your business. We take what like from your tools, and turn it into something that you and your team members will love. Our engineers and developers run extra system tests, regression tests, and development tests to ensure that your newly-customized app can withstand and adapt to quarterly releases from SFDC, which ultimately ensures a longer operational lifespan for your customized app.


Green Couch Consulting finely-tunes your apps to assist in nurturing and routing leads. We assist in perfecting your apps to provide you with the functions you need to manage leads and to maintain a healthy business pipeline. We customize sales apps to fit the needs of your sales personnel to improve overall sales productivity.


We provide customization and consultation services for customer support apps. With our years of experience developing customer support apps for various businesses, we can customize your customer support app to sync with your Salesforce implementation that provides your personnel with important customer information in order to deliver a personalized service.


Integrate your apps with resources in the community cloud with our expert SFDC-certified developers. Customized apps with community cloud integration enables your customers to locate self-help resources easier, and your employees find solutions faster. We help you take advantage of the community’s vast network to be able to make better relationships with your customers, employees, and channel partners.


We provide cross-cloud application customization to provide you with a more accurate insight into your business. Analytics customization provide your business with the capability to identify areas for improvement, and new opportunities for your business. Customize apps for Analysts, Administrators, IT personnel, and developers to provide them with an accurate insight of their responsibilities in order to perform better.