Salesforce App Development

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it”

Thomas Edison

Salesforce App Development

We believe that the needs of every business is unique. That’s why no commercially-available service, even those as big as Salesforce, can satisfy the exact needs of every business. Green Couch Consulting fills the gaps of your Salesforce Implementation by creating an app built specifically for the needs of your business. All you have to share with us are the challenges you want to overcome, and an idea about how you want your company to solve it. We’ll provide you with a customized app solution built around your specifics and ideas.

How we do it:

We work closely with our clients to guarantee that we deliver exactly what is expected from us. We help our clients identify the pain points in their SFDC implementation, and our team of expert developers will create an app specifically designed to help our clients go beyond their SFDC implementation. Our process involves rigorous testing to ensure that our solutions provide consistent and accurate results.

We design, develop, and deploy employee-facing apps that enhance the productivity of your teams. We approach custom app development with a focus on roles and responsibilities and not with a one-size-fits-all mindset. We create apps for every role, in every department. Apps developed on the platform can be designed to integrate with existing Java and .NET platforms. Design and development services include mobile integration and cross-cloud application development.

Salesforce 1 Lightning

Green Couch Consulting helps you perfect your Salesforce1 Lightning-based apps using testing, design and development consultancy, and troubleshooting from our expert Salesforce-certified engineers and developers. Our Lightning platform design and development process combines the simplicity of the Lightning platform and the functionality of custom apps.


Improve your customer engagement with customer-facing apps with an effective User Experience design. Green Couch Consulting develops Heroku-based apps that conveys your brand persona to your customers. We specialize in integrating cross-cloud application development to help your business build better relationships with your customers. Our design and development services include data syncing from your Salesforce implementation and mobile integration and deployment for your customers.