Outsourced Administration & Support

44% of companies use outsourcing to reduce or control costs, while 34% use outsourcing to gain access to IT resources unavailable internally.

Outsourced Administration & Support

Maintain your competitive edge in your market by reducing employment costs, and improving overall quality by having Salesforce.com-certified experts to help you steer your SFDC implementation to your goals. Green Couch Consulting has carefully selected its team of highly-capable SFDC-certified administrators and support personnel to help you solve problems in your SFDC implementation.

Get the talent and experience your organization needs.

Our offshore facilities bridges your company with exceptional talent and facilities overseas without having to go through the complexities and expenses of setting up a local subsidiary for your business. With a team that has years of experience with various SFDC implementations, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best people backing you up.


We work closely with our clients to identify the pain points of their business. Our expert Salesforce.com administrators utilize data collected from our clients, and our own feasibility studies, requirement examination, and cost analysis before formulating the course of action.


Our SFDC Administrators provide our clients with a detailed plan highlighting courses of action, and recommending the best solution to the problem. Is it better to develop, customize or just configure? These are questions that will be answered based on the information collected during the discovery process.


Through discovery, planning, and design, our designers are able to provide our clients with applications that are easy to configure, implement, and integrate. Through user feedback, our developers are able to finely-tune the user experience design and overall usability of the application.


In line with our design and development services, our administrators also provide our clients with training and integration support. We manage and customize our clients’ application for a seamless integration with other third-party applications.