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CRM Strategy, Salesforce App Development, Customization and Implementation done by Salesforce Сertified Experts

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Green Couch Consulting is a full service, international consulting firm specializing in customized Salesforce solutions. Our Salesforce Certified Experts can find ways to significantly improve your Salesforce experience, saving valuable time and money. Green Couch Consulting’s fifteen years working closely with clients to provide solutions and strategies, results in increased productivity and surpassing stated business objectives. Our onshore Project Management expertise and skilled offshore Development resources, enable us to provide both customized and cost effective solutions.


Get the most from your Salesforce investment by using our high level strategy solutions, supplemental resources, and breadth of our technology expertise.

CRM Strategy
We work closely with our clients to develop effective CRM strategy.
Systems Integration
Our deep technology expertise enables us to deliver complicated integrated solutions.
Custom App Development
We design employee facing aps that enhance the productivity of your teams.
Data Management
Automation of data updates and data quality improvements.
Technology Staffing
We create solutions to improve the hiring process, bringing the best talent to you.
Content Management Systems
Salesforce and CMS implementations to put all of your files and customer information in one place.

Industry Focus

Green Couch Consulting has a breadth of experience across a wide range of industries. Our Salesforce Certified Experts’ industry experience allows us to provide our clients with valuable business insights and exceptional customer engagement. As an international consulting firm we are able to harness the power of our global network while tailoring solutions to our client’s unique needs. Our industry specific solutions set our clients apart from their competitors.

Banking and Financial
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