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Our Experts

  • Salesforce Developer

    Alexandr Z

    Salesforce Developer

    Alexandr Z

    Apex Javascript Visualforce Lightning (Aura) LWC SOQL and SOSL

  • Salesforce Senior Developer

    Alexey P

    Salesforce Senior Developer

    Alexey P

    Apex Javascript Visualforce Lightning (Aura) LWC SOQL and SOSL

  • Salesforce Administrator

    Lyubov S

    Salesforce Administrator

    Lyubov S

    Salesforce Platform Knowledge User Management Data Management Workflow Automation

  • Salesforce Arhitect

    Dmitry M

    Salesforce Arhitect

    Dmitry M

    Apex Javascript Visualforce Lightning (Aura) LWC SOQL and SOSL

  • Salesforce QA

    Vyacheslav S

    Salesforce QA

    Vyacheslav S

    QA Theory: Fundamental Testing Process Test Approaches Test Levels Test Methods Test Types

  • Salesforce Automation QA

    Pavel M

    Salesforce Automation QA

    Pavel M

    Java Programming Language Proficiency Selenium Java Build Tools Proficiency

  • DevOPS Specialist

    Artem B

    DevOPS Specialist

    Artem B

    Version Control (Git, GitHub/ GitLab/ Bitbucket) Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (Terraform, Ansible)

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator

    Nadezhda V

    Marketing Cloud Administrator

    Nadezhda V

    Sales Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud Developer

    Anastasia K

    Marketing Cloud Developer

    Anastasia K

    Email Studio Programmatic Marketing Content Marketing Cloud Engagement

  • Project Manager

    Pavel S

    Project Manager

    Pavel S

    Project/ Program Management Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) Business Development

  • MuleSoft / Dellboomi / Jitterbit Developer

    Alexander S

    MuleSoft / Dellboomi / Jitterbit Developer

    Alexander S

    Basic Salesforce Platform Knowledge Salesforce Service/ Sales Cloud Data Model Basic Knowledge

Extend your team's capabilities with our experts, all while maintaining your brand identity. We fit perfectly, ensuring our collaborations are seamless and transparent

What our Customers say about us

  • Jordan T

    CTO in the FinTech Industry

    Seamless Integration, Exceptional Results

    The expertise brought to our software project was transformative. The Salesforce specialist from the team was a natural extension of our in-house staff, bringing not just skill but also innovation. Our productivity has never been better.

  • Samantha R

    Operations Manager in the E-commerce Sector

    Around-the-Clock Excellence

    True to their word, their support was immediate and round-the-clock. Facing an urgent system overhaul, their team provided critical support without batting an eye, at 3 AM. They saved the day and then some.

  • Keith M

    Financial Director in the Manufacturing Field

    Cost-Effective Quality That Delivers

    Skepticism turned to belief as we witnessed the value unfold. The strategic guidance we received not only fit our budget but also significantly boosted our returns. It's an investment that continues to pay for itself.

  • David W

    Integration Specialist in Retail

    MuleSoft Integration Mastery

    Our complex system needed precise MuleSoft integration. The expertise and finesse of the developer we worked with were unmatched, ensuring a seamless process with optimal performance.

  • Rachel K

    Sales Director in Telecommunications

    Salesforce Admin - Organizational Hero

    Our Salesforce Admin was more than a navigator; they were our lighthouse in a sea of data. Organization, efficiency, and user adoption have seen a remarkable uptick since their arrival.

  • Omar J

    Product Manager in Automotive

    QA Engineer - Quality Redefined

    The attention to detail our QA Engineer provided was spectacular. Their proactive approach to finding and solving issues brought our software to a new level of quality.

  • Beatrice G

    Director of Customer Success in Insurance

    Strategic Analysis, Game-Changing Outcomes

    Our Business Analyst delved into the complexities of our processes with a deft touch. Their recommendations didn't just optimize our Salesforce usage; they revolutionized our entire customer journey.

  • Carlos E

    VP of Operations in Logistics

    Project Management Excellence

    The Project Manager's ability to align cross-functional teams towards a common goal was nothing short of miraculous. Under their guidance, our Salesforce project was delivered ahead of schedule, under budget, and above expectations.

  • Fiona L

    Chief Innovation Officer in Media

    Architectural Vision and Precision

    Their Technical Architect provided a blueprint for Salesforce success. His solution-oriented vision and meticulous attention to detail forged a path for an advanced, scalable system tailor-made for our needs.

  • Henry T

    Synergy of a Multi-Specialist Team

    Program Director in Government Technology

    Assembling a team from their pool of specialists was like forming an all-star squad. Each member played a pivotal role, their collaboration echoing through the improved performance and capabilities of our Salesforce ecosystem.


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Project Statistics

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